Saturday, May 7, 2016

And, she's here - introducing Anneke

One week ago today, at 38 weeks 5 days pregnant, the sweetest little girl decided to surprise us with her early arrival!

Anneke Claire (pronunciation) arrived at 1.39pm on Friday, April 29th weighing 8lbs 8.9oz and 21.5 inches long. Anneke - meaning 'favor / grace' has been a Dutch name we've been in love with ever since Oliver was born, and the decision to name our baby girl this was simple. There really were no other contenders; it's perfect.

Her birth story is by far the most simple and "easy" (not that any labor is easy) out of all three. My water broke in the early hours of Friday morning - 1.40am to be exact and we were admitted to labor and delivery around 3.30am. The staff at Kaiser were wonderful, listening to my wishes to do this au natural once again and when by 9am contractions just weren't getting any closer than 5-10min apart, I agreed to start a low dose of pitocin (yes, that awful induction drug I was so hoping to avoid this time around!). It gave my labor the kickstart it needed and by noon things were picking up speed. I requested my first check at this point - 4cm dilated. Everything started getting intense at this point and only 1hr 39min later, she was in my arms - our perfect little girl.

I truly couldn't have asked for a better delivery experience; the perfect way to finish up having babies. We were left to ourselves to just labor in peace, I had just Mitch, my birth ball and a TENS machine for support. She was born in just 2 contractions without a single tear or graze which has made recovery SO much easier. She was delivered by a midwife; a first for our kids as the boys births were quite medical and had a few interventions. She latched really quickly and has been nursing like a champ ever since. Unfortunately her blood sugar was quite low after birth so within a couple of hours she had to be transferred to NICU with her Daddy in tow. She spent the first 6 hrs or so in there until her levels stablized with the help of some formula, but she did make it back to room in with us that night which I am so thankful for.

I still can't believe she's here already and I haven't even reached my due date. I still can't believe we have a daughter. She's just perfect - and I'm going to leave this here for now because sweet baby Anneke snuggles are calling my name :-)

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  1. Congratulations!! She's absolutely perfect :) Good job, Mama!


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