Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life lately - summer happenings

Can someone please tell me how July is halfway over? Life lately - random summer happenings with my crew...

... big brother snuggles

... unexpected naps

... a pretty fun souvenir for Anneke's baby book

... morning photos with my girl

... sleepy sweetness

... ring sling naps at big brothers swimming lessons

... Anneke smiles :-)

... Daddy snuggles

... and a whole lotta crazy. With 2 boys and a baby girl, there's a lot of crazy in our house - the only thing to do is roll with it, silly faces and all :-)

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  1. Love these!! I think I had a post, oh 6 years ago where tinyHuds would nap unexpectedly, too!!
    Love your black and white top at the pool!!


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