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The boys - 27 months & 4 years 10 months

Life since becoming a Mum has felt like a bit of a blur. In a little under five years we've lived in two foreign countries, moved house a bunch of times, had three children, traveled as much as we can with tiny humans, said goodbye to friends and made new ones. There have been a LOT of changes and culture shock; life has never been dull but the most recent change has been one of the biggest. Having a third child. Mitch and I are now outnumbered by tiny humans and "busy" just took on a whole new meaning. I'm trying to keep a monthly blog journal like I did with Austin for Miss Anneke - I forget so much, so quickly (and lets face it - filling out the baby book regularly kinda slips my mind), but I also don't want my big boys to be forgotten because although we might be out of the baby stage, they are still forever growing and changing and making us smile :-)

Mr Oliver at 4 years, 10 months - he's our cheeky boy. Always has been, always will be. I will say though, he has matured an awful lot over the past six months. I feel like we've really hit a sweet age. He's my helper - he'll get snacks for his brother, do his chores to earn his pocket money (even requesting extra work sometimes to hit his goal sooner - always a Lego Mixel) and loves helping in the kitchen at dinnertime. He pulls his chair up to the bench and wants to do whatever I'm doing.

He's become really thankful for every little thing and will go as far as to thank God for Trader Joes for marinating the meat. His favourite activity is building wittle wegos and he's pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. He started on the Lego Junior sets at age 3 when we visited Legoland and has never looked back. He loves his friends and playing with his brother but he's also really good at entertaining himself. Give that kid his Legos and tray table and he will quite literally sit there for hours on end, building and creating. Same goes with drawing - it feels like we go through a ream of paper a day. Lately he's been trying to 'write' stories and asks for our help with spelling. Pre-K was also been a good year for him at school. He's a shy kid at first and struggles sometimes with new situations, but this year he was much more comfortable and confident (also: cheeky) and found a nice little group of 4 boys that he played with every day, one of whom became his little best friend.

He loves volcanoes, drawing, playing hide-n-seek and wrapping presents or pass the parcel or surprise eggs for everyone in the family. He also loves to travel (yay!) and always asks to go back to New York and Hawaii. He loves his baby sister to no end - often when he is watching his show during quiet time, he asks to hold her while he watches. Kiddo loves his baby cuddles. He also always wants to help her and will sit and rock her (by choice, not suggested) with his foot while she's in the rock-n-play at dinnertime. He is a shy kid, and I'm ok with that. He has a really hard time with new situations and people. He hangs back, clinging to my legs or just shuts down completely and won't talk/move. When you know him well (and how energetic/outgoing/kinda crazy he can be), it's a shock to see this change and I'm still learning how to fully help him in these situations. I remember what it was like as a kid to feel uncomfortable and shy and how anxiety inducing it can be to be pushed to talk in front of strangers; I really feel for him. I've come to realise too that he is very much a one-on-one personality. He is quiet and reserved in a group, but put him in a one-on-one situation with his teacher or another adult and he'll talk their ear off.

Austin at 2 years, 3 months... I get nervous sometimes about the little guy being pushed to middle child status, but I will say - he's got quite the little personality and that personality is going to take him a long way in life. Our sweet, smiley little ray of sunshine. After being a mama's boy forever, Austin has recently switched to wanting Dadda all the time. Or at least during the hours he has access to Dadda. And it's funny, because Ollie has switched back to wanting to do things with Mum. Austin's favourite activity is going to the car wash - the hand wash one, where you sit out and watch your car get cleaned. He requests to go there weekly. He also loves Chick-fil-A and shouts out CHICKYAYYYYY every single time we drive past.

After going through a super fussy eating phase for a while where he was convinced he was a vegetarian, he's suddenly decided he likes eating everything again, much to my relief. He's still totally obsessed with trains and dogs, I don't see that fascination wearing off any time soon. He loves for us to draw pictures for him (100% of the time a steam or diesel train) to colour or on the magna doodle. He loves to read books and takes a million of them to bed every day, his favourites are the Look & Find books or anything with fine detail like Where's Wally? He's a perfectionist like his Daddy and has some funny little traits, like he always wants to clip the chest clip on his carseat before he gets out of the car and always insists on shutting doors and being the one to shut the door. He stopped napping not long after he turned 2 but will do a quiet time in his room, although once every couple of weeks he'll lay himself down for a good 4 hour sleep (and then bedtime is horrendous). He's just recently become Mr Independent and wanting to do everything for himself (which works in my favor, unless we are in a hurry) and motions me away, saying ME! ME DO IT! for things like putting on his shoes.

He's definitely not as clear with his talking as Ollie was at his age, but he has been spouting out a lot more words & short sentences recently. He's started using his words instead of hitting - although the latter still happens a lot. He's 2 after all. His apologies for hitting/biting/being rough always involve him tilting his head to the side and with a sweet smile saying horryyy and patting the person (99% of the time, Ollie) on the head. Ah, the twos. It's so fun. Everyone always comments on how he's so happy all of the time, and overall he is still a really happy little guy - until he's not. He'll flick a switch and go into some pretty impressive meltdowns. There's no in between with our Austin! He's pretty obsessed with his baby sister - he calls her baby AH-KAR!, and he loves to get right up close to her and say tickle tickle tickle in this sweet little voice to try and get her to smile. So far he's been really quite gentle and cautious with her, I'm hoping it stays that way!

These boys bring us so much joy. They simply adore each other - they might annoy each other and fight like brothers, but also they love each other's company and play together really well. I love their curious minds, their boundless energy, their crazy faces and their love for their baby sister :-)

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  1. Chick-yay!!! forever!! That's exactly how Huds referred to CFA for years :)


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