Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Life lately

One of my favourite things about living overseas? Having visitors from the land down under of course! This past month we had my two high school best friends come visit for a couple of weeks and I've got to say, they might not even be gone a week yet, but they are already sorely missed. We've been friends since Grade 8 and 11 and it's a bit of a tradition for them to come visit us when we live overseas. There's nothing quite like old friends, and these girls - well, it's special. Lifelong friends for sure :) While they were with us in the bay area, we did a little sightseeing and also crossed things off my Cali bucket list - deep fried oreos/twinkies and cheese in a can, anyone?

We took a girls night out in the city to watch a Giants game, the first time I've EVER watched baseball (and the last - lets face it, this was just all about the beer, hot dog and giant foam finger) although I will say, AT&T Park is pretty spectacular right on the bay...

We took a little day trip over to Santa Cruz and the beach boardwalk to meet up with our Cali favs...

We braved Napa Valley with 3 tiny humans (and the assistance of Mitch)...

And (along with a few shopping trips ;) ) spent the day in San Francisco, organising Anneke's Australian passport with a few stops along the way...

I wonder where the next girls trip will take us??? :)

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