Monday, August 8, 2016

Three months {Anneke Claire}

This has been quite the busy month for our little miss (and the whole family) - we've been to Lake Tahoe, LA, Santa Monica, Disneyland, Napa, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and have been spending time with old friends visiting from the land down under. Month 2 to 3 seemed to fly by even faster than usual and somehow, my sweet Anneke is now 1/4 of a year old.

Stats... Not sure on weight/height as her next checkup isn't until September, but she's in size 2 nappies and 6 month/00 clothing. She outgrew the baby bath this month as she's so long and is loving baths in the big bath!

Milestones... She's trying hard to roll and gets right up onto her side but no luck in getting over just yet. She's still super strong and has great head & neck control. She's slept through the night (a full 12 hours straight) a bunch of times. She's met Minnie Mouse at Disneyland - that's a milestone, right??? :)

Sleeping... Anneke is by far our best (night) sleeper out of the three. She started sleeping through this month, she goes down around 7pm and wakes up around 6.30am. She still mixes it up a few times a week though and wakes a little earlier around 5am but goes back to sleep for a few more hours after some milk. Daytime however is another story. Girl has a serious case of FOMO. You have to see it to believe it because she's still so young, but she often will only take 1 or 2 short (20-30min naps) in a 12 hour day. And she's happy. No amount of rocking, stroller pushing, car driving will get her to pass out on these days, and unfortunately they happen multiple times a week. However, I'll take it because she sleeps so well at night.

Eating... No schedule yet - she feeds on demand. Sometimes it's every 2 hours, sometimes it's 4 hours. I fed her a lot more often when we were away as it was SO hot in Southern California, I was worried about her getting dehydrated. She only takes 1 side per feeding now and is pretty efficient, except our bedtime feeding where she takes both. I relish that last feed of the day - Mitch is home so I don't have to supervise the boys, I get to just escape to the quiet of the nursery and snuggle and nurse my baby girl for as long as I like uninterrupted.

Best moment... More moments rather than just one - being able to introduce her to Meagan and Kate this past month. When there's a whole pacific ocean between you and your friends, it's pretty special to be able to introduce them to your brand new baby when she's only 2 months old. They met the boys both around 4-6 months, so Anneke by comparison was still little and squishy :)

Worst moment... The blowout of the century while having lunch in The Cheesecake Factory. Thank goodness I had finished my cheesecake by that point because it was the worst blowout I've ever seen (and after 3 kids, that's saying a lot). Lets just say it was a 2 person job to change, the outfit went straight in the bin and when I picked her up out of the carseat, a trail of baby poo soup literally dripped straight on the ground. Truly disgusting.

Loves... Bathtime. Big brother tickles. Change table time. Daddy snuggles on the couch at night. Sucking her thumb. A doll rattle that was a gift from Aunty Martine, she loves it when someone (usually Austin or Ollie) shakes it around above her.

Dislikes... The heat. The carseat. Her dummy. Tummy time.

Happy 3 months our sweet girl! We've all been trying hard to get you to giggle this past month (you're so close with your funny little shrieks) and can't wait to hear that sound come out. You're such a chill, happy little girl - you truly are a delight, Anneke Claire :)

Anneke at 1 month, 2 months... 

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