Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ok, it's taken me WAY too long to get around to looking at the Disneyland photos, let alone writing a post. What can I say - life happens! And it's been kinda hectic around here to say the least.

Disneyland was our final destination on our little southern California road trip back in July, and we saved the best for last. I'm a kid at heart. I just LOVE Disneyland. This was my third visit to the Anaheim location and fourth Disney trip if you count EuroDisney back in 2008. I really wanted to get the boys there one last time while we are living in California, plus Anneke needed her first trip - who cares if she doesn't remember it, she got to meet Minnie Mouse!

It was a stinking hot weekend for visiting the happiest place on earth, but the upside? It was nowhere near as crowded as I had anticipated. As soon as we got into the park, we headed straight for the rollercoaster that Ollie had been talking about for months: Space Mountain. He was just tall enough and I've got to admit, it gave this mama some anxiety the night before thinking about taking my baby on this crazy ride!!! He's SO brave though and such a little thriller seeker. He rode the ride with a total poker face and was fairly quiet after... But requested to go on it again, so I'm gonna say it was a winner.

This time around we did something new - breakfast with Minnie & Friends. There were waffles shaped like Mickey and lots of characters walking around (scaring the boys, they weren't totally convinced) and other than the fact that I nearly slapped Chip (or Dale?) in the face when he stealthily approached and patted me on the shoulder, giving me the fright of my life while I was breastfeeding Anneke, it was a good start to the day.

Oh, Disney. I'm gonna miss having you so close. Dreamworld just isn't quite the same... Good thing we're gonna be back for visits ;-)

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