Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Four months {Anneke Claire}

Once again, in the blink of an eye another month (and a half - whoops, better late than never) is over! It's bittersweet really. I'm practically willing the weeks away, wanting to be out of this period of transition we're in right now with the move, but also don't want our baby girl to grow up too fast.

Stats... At four months old, Anneke weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces (7.03kg) and is 26.5 inches (67.31cm) long. She still fits some 3-6 month (00) clothing but has started wearing 6-9 month (0), mostly for the length and size 2 nappies. She is a tall baby girl! Longer than both her brothers at this age, but weighs less than Austin did.

Milestones... Still not rolling but she's just so close! She's forever swinging over onto her side, her arm just keeps getting in the way from going all the way. She's a wriggler though, and always wakes up in a different position (usually flipped right around) to where I put her down. She always loved being tucked snug under a low blanket in her cot for naps as a newborn but we've had to stop using blankets and just rely solely on sleeping bags now she's moving around in there. She's still crazy strong and loves to push up/stand up while just holding my fingers. We've hit that age where she isn't content to just sit and snuggle on my lap, she wants to stand and bounce and move around and be entertained. She's gotten a lot more interested in toys lately too and will grasp certain ones for short periods, always trying to get them into her mouth to chew. And... We have laughter!!! She's A LOT harder to make laugh than either of the boys were, and her first giggles were much later than theirs too. But they are just as sweet, that's for sure even if she makes us work for it :-)

Sleeping... Of course, I jinxed it saying she was sleeping through. This past month her overnights haven't been as great, sometimes she wakes up quite a lot - either because her mouth is bothering her (I can see the 2 bottom teeth just under the surface) or her big brothers are being noisy and wake her up. Sleep hasn't been brilliant for any of us lately. Some nights she'll wake 4 times, other nights just once. Who knows. We're kinda falling into a rhythm with naps, she goes down for a morning nap 1.5hours after waking and sleeps for about an hour, then takes a longer nap in the afternoon. When we are out and about however, she doesn't like to sleep. Baby girl still has a shocking case of FOMO!

Eating... Still no real routine - I nurse on demand. To be honest, if she's fussy I'll just see if she wants to latch on. Stick a boob in it is kinda my go to solution when she's unhappy, but it works even if it's just for comfort.

Best moment... It had been a rough day with the boys, I was overtired and cranky. I took them all outside to play, lay down on a blanket with Anneke and she just kept giving me this smile. This girl, I'm telling you. She is just such a delight. She's certainly added a lot more busy to our already busy life, but she just brings so much joy to all of us.

Worst moment... The day she woke up with a nasty (through to the mattress) blow out and while I was trying to deal with the mess, Austin decided to wipe his own bottom. With his hand. I won't say any more. Lets just say it was not a fun start to the day. There is too much poo in my life right now.

Loves... When Dadda gets home from work - she loves to snuggle up to him while he makes his coffee. Bathtime. Nappy changes. Ollie's crazy faces (he gets the most laughs). Mama milk. Standing up. The Jolly Jumper.

Dislikes... Sitting still! The bumbo (for more than a minute or two). Taking naps while being worn (she will eventually go to sleep, but after a lot of fussing - she likes her personal space to snooze).

Oh, Anneke Claire. Are you REALLY 4 months old already? I just don't know how to fully describe the joy you bring our family, but I can't look at you without smiling. You're such a sweetheart, full of personality and energy and smiles and you just make me so ridiculously happy. My sweet baby girl. My daughter. Happy 4 months, my little love!

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