Tuesday, September 6, 2016


When my two high school besties heard of our impending move and decided to come over for one last visit (yay!), it seemed to make sense to do our final - while living here anyway - Disneyland trip together, seeing as we've already done Eurodisney and Disneyland Anaheim together before. Despite having been past Los Angeles a bunch of times over the years, we've never actually played tourist there, with the exception of taking a peek at the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory a few years ago.

This time around Mitch and I decided to meet Meagan and Kate a few days before our planned Disney day and explore LA. Everything I'd heard about this city was fairly negative - essentially that it's a big dirty polluted tourist trap, and sadly I now agree wholeheartedly. BUT I had to see it for myself! We stayed in Hollywood and it's nothing like what you imagine. Lets just say they must send through a pretty impressive cleaning crew before the Oscars to rid the area of all the rubbish, trash and dodgy druggos.

We also escaped Hollywood for a day to go visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica. It took forever to get there - LA traffic sure lives up to the hype - but I'm so glad we took the time. Again, Venice Beach was nothing like what TV makes it out to be. It was quiet, dirty, full of trashy souvenir stores and pot. I pretended I saw the Baywatch lifeguard tower and we moved right along.

Santa Monica however - lovely. The pier wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was much smaller than I had envisioned but the town itself had a really nice feel to it.

So, LA - been there, done that. No need to go again!

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