Monday, October 17, 2016

Five months {Anneke Claire}

Oh, sweet girl! We're so close to being halfway to Anneke's 1st birthday (very close actually, as I'm super late in posting this - I blame moving), and I want time to simultaneously speed up so we can move and start living again whilst also slowing right on down so I can savor every moment of our youngest's first year.

At five months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Not sure on height/weight but she is wearing 9 month clothing (0) and size 2 nappies, although I think she's about ready to move up a size.

Milestones... Still not rolling, which is a shock to me given how strong she is and also because both the boys were rolling over by this point (Austin at 3.5 months and Oliver at 4 months). She is a tummy time champ though and I've recently discovered that if I put her on the wooden floor on her tummy, she scoots backwards :-( Slowly, but she's figuring out how to move a little. She loves standing and will just hold onto our fingers and stand happily for ages. She has also perfected crunches and boat pose - bubba girl doesn't like to just lay on her back and insists on lifting her head and shoulders up off the ground...

Sleeping... Meh. It's been a rough month. Some nights she only wakes up twice but overall it's been much worse. First cold (x2) = bad sleep. First tummy bug = constant pooping overnight = bad sleep. She still has her crazy no nap days regularly (usually while out and about, she is so ridiculously nosy and doesn't want to miss out of anything) but has fallen into a better nap routine of twice a day if we're at home.

Eating... I still breastfeed on demand, I'd guess she feeds every 3 hours or so on average?

Best moment... Every time Ollie gets her to laugh. It's the sweetest sound and she just adores him - he gets the biggest and best laughs by far.

Worst moment... We went apple picking last month with friends, as we were walking to the car I slipped and fell on loose rocks spread over the road. I was carrying Anneke face out; it was the worst feeling ever going down face first with my precious little love. Thankfully (and amazingly), it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. My left knee got pretty badly beat up with rocks in it and bruising and I still can't workout comfortably, but thankfully it took the brunt of it and somehow broke her fall. The top of her head still went into the rocks and she just got a little bruise/cut and some cuts on her hands. It was such an awful feeling. A really huge fright, and made me feel sick thinking of the what-ifs.

Loves... Poking her tongue out. Standing. Sit ups. Mama. Holding her feet. Smiling.

Dislikes... The bottle. Sleep. Being sick (poor baby). The carseat.

Happy 5 months sweet girl!

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