Sunday, November 27, 2016

Six months {Anneke Claire}

Ok, so I'm a tiny bit late in posting this ;-) as our littlest love is practically 7 months now. I blame the craziness of you know, moving our entire family of 5 to another continent this past month. I can't believe sweet Anneke is half a year old already. I feel like I've blinked and missed a fair chunk of her babyhood with this move - it's been such a dragged out process, and as we are still living in some form of limbo, it's ongoing. But one thing is certain, we have really been blessed with a sweetheart. Anneke is still such a sweet, smiley, chill little bubba girl and we just love her so!

At six months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Not sure on height/weight as I'm yet to do her 6 month checkup and vaccinations, but she's wearing size 9 month (0) clothing and crawler (equivalent to a size 3 I guess?) nappies.

Milestones... TEETH!!! The first 2 pearly whites popped through on the bottom front just before we moved and I think I can see 2 more coming. She's been at her mouth a fair but but overall hasn't been tooooooo bothered by it except overnight. She's super close to sitting and can handle it on her own briefly. No crawling yet (phew) but she does push ups when she's on her tummy and pivots herself around. She's still crazy strong and does those baby yoga moves & sit ups all day long.

Sleeping... Meh. Sleep isn't the best. I mean, she's handled the whole time change pretty well overall, but teething has really affected her overnight sleep these past few weeks. She wakes up hourly from midnight and starts the day between 4-5am. She takes 2 good naps a day though, other than the odd super awake day.

Eating... She's still breastfeeding every 3 or so hours, sometimes a little more often if it's a really hot day. She's on 2 solid meals a day, breakfast and dinner but I have to confess, it's been packet baby food all the way. I did baby led weaning with both the boys but for a variety of reasons, purees have just been easier this time around. Just another way in which every kid is different.

Best moment... Easy - meeting her family for the first time :-) Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins... It's been special.

Worst moment... The night I gave her mashed potato. Mind you, it was fairly amusing for the rest of us but lets just say Anneke is NOT a fan of potato and let us know her feelings pretty strongly.

Loves... Nappy off time. Dinner. Bathtime. Swimming in the pool (she kicks and kicks up a storm!). Grabbing her brothers hair and trying to eat it. Hip carries in the ring sling (yay! Finally!).

Dislikes... The humidity (who doesn't). Being in the stroller if it's not moving. Traffic. Mashed potato. Avocado.

Oh, sweet girl. I love watching you grow and change so much, but I also hate how quickly your first year is going by. I want to just sit back and savor every moment, but the current craziness of life with 3 kids and moving countries and all these changes - well, it's all a lot right now. You are such a sweetheart and charm everyone with those big smiles and sweet little face. Happy half birthday our little love - we all love you so!

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