Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Christmas 2016

It feels like Christmas was an eternity ago. Where did the past month go? Honestly though, I was NOT excited about this last Christmas. Normally I love the holiday season but having just moved house, it felt like a nuisance. I would've been quite happy to delay it for a couple more months. Despite my grinch-ish mood, we did try to get into the spirit - we took the kids into the city one night to meet Santa (best photo to date ;-) although I do miss Stanford mall Santa, that guy was legit!), go to Myers Santaland, see the Myers Christmas windows, the DJs parade and the lights show on city hall. We headed back to the Gympie house to join the rest of the family for Christmas, a few days filled with lots of delicious food (as always - the perks of coming from a foodie family), gifts and family time.

The dreary weather cleared on Boxing Day and so we headed to the river at Noosa before coming home. What a glorious day! I tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time, the kids swam and played with their cousins and we all enjoyed a fish & chip lunch. I'm loving getting back to all our favourite spots that we've missed these past few years!

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