Friday, January 6, 2017

Eight months {Anneke Claire}

EIGHT MONTHS?!?! No, just no. Life lately has been busy, but this past month has especially felt like a blur. Between moving house and Christmas, I don't know where December has gone and now our baby girl is another month older. At least we got her photos done on time this month ;-)

At eight months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Not sure on height/weight changes as her next appointment isn't until she turns 1. Anneke is still wearing crawler size nappies though and size 6-12 month clothing.

Milestones... She's sitting like a champ, no crawling yet though. Just as well as I still haven't put a baby gate up at the top of the stairs ;-) It's been a busy month! Anneke has the grand total of SIX teeth though! 4 teeth came through at once on the top, it's no wonder she was sleeping so terribly. She's also babbling a lot more and says dada dada dada - it's the sweetest little sound hearing her voice :-) She also growls a lot and does this funny little puppy dog pant when she's excited - baby girl has a lot of noises!

Sleeping... Sleeping was fairly awful the first few weeks of the month, but has taken a turn for the better in the past few days. We've gone from constant wake ups (too many to count overnight) to 3, 2, even 1! And since we've been home after Christmas, she's been starting the day around 6 or 7am, as opposed to 5am. It's a miracle. We're exhausted overall, but finally starting to catch up on some much needed rest and start to feel a tiny bit more human again. She's napping twice a day fairly consistently now, each nap is around 1-1.5hrs long.

Eating... Still on the same breastfeeding "schedule" - 7/8am, noon, 3/4pm and bedtime. Plus overnights. She's way more distracted while nursing nowadays though, wriggling and kicking and grabbing my hair and moving all over the place. Gone are the days of those nice sleepy feeds :-( She's on 3 solid meals a day now and will take water from a sippy cup on hot days also.

Best moment... Anneke's first Christmas. Ollie was so kind (and patient, waiting to open his own gifts) and helped her unwrap her presents Christmas morning. Naturally, she was more obsessed with the paper than the contents :-)

Worst moment... Someone has become a biter. While nursing :( :( :( This mama is not impressed.

Loves... All the attention from her big cousins - Sophie, Will & Lochie; she gets especially excited when she sees Sophie (her only girl cousin on my side) and loves walking around with her. Dancing & doing her funny little head wiggle. Yoghurt. Baby Mum Mum crackers. Playing peek-a-boo with Ollie.

Dislikes... When she throws her toys of out reach. Mashed potato. Avocado (crazy girl). Sitting in a highchair at restaurants. Santa.

Happy 8 months our sweet Anneke! You really are a bundle of joy. Your sweet toothy grin, that cheeky head wiggle, your infectious laugh. Oh, Anneke. We just love you so!

Anneke at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months, 6 months & 7 months...

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  1. What a sweetie! No good with the biting though - yikes! I quit nursing with all my kids before they got to the biting stage.


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