Friday, January 6, 2017

Seven months {Anneke Claire}

Our sweet girl is now a little over 8 months, so I'm playing catch up with blog posts here ;-) What can I say - it's been a really overwhelming month(s). Moving countries was huge, then we had 6 weeks to settle in at the Gympie house, followed by yet another move into our own house in Brisbane early December. Life has been busy, and blogging has certainly taken a backseat.

At seven months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Anneke had her delayed 6 month checkup & vaccinations at 7 months. She weighed in at 7.61kg and 70-something cm (I can't remember; it was a long visit as Aus also had to have catch up vaccinations and they measured her at the end and didn't write it down). She's petite but long. She wears crawler size nappies (again, like a size 3 I'd say) and 0/6-12 month clothing although some 00 still fits.

Milestones... At 7 months, she just had her 2 bottom teeth although the top ones were on their way and causing her a lot of grief. She's a confident sitter! Rolling this way and that, but no crawling yet. She's interested in EVERYTHING though and always fidgeting/looking to see what she can get at next/who will look at her/what she can shove in her mouth.

Sleeping... Sleep has been AWFUL. The first couple of weeks after we arrived in Australia were great, then it all went downhill to the point that she was waking every 45min or so. We started co-sleeping with her for the first time (something we did with the boys, but Anneke has been so different - she'll only ever sleep in her own space) out of desperation as basically being attached to me constantly is the only thing that kept her calm. And, after constant wake ups all night that begin within a couple of hours of bedtime, she is up for the day by 5am. Lovely.

Eating... She's breastfeeding on more of a schedule, although on hot days or when she's fussy I try to offer it to her more often. She nurses around 7/8am, noon, 3/4pm and bedtime. Pretty much the exact same "schedule" the boys were on. She's on 2 solid meals a day, breakfast and dinner and we're still doing purees. Again - she's just so different to the boys. She loves sweet potato, carrot, apple and any form of yoghurt best!

Best moment... Seeing my baby girl in her nursery again - having all of our belongings from California arrive was exciting, but Anneke's nursery was by far the best bit. I had so much fun planning it out and sourcing all the pieces while I was pregnant, I'm glad that we decided to ship it all because I wasn't quite ready to move on from her pink/grey/white/gold theme just yet.

Worst moment... She got a little summer cold, and was just miserable. Her eyes are normally so smiley and engaging, and she just looked so swollen and sad. She was already sleeping badly because of teething but the congestion just added to it, poor baby. Thankfully it was short lived!

Loves... The pool, finally being able to sit up and play beside her big bros, sucking her 2 middle fingers, the Gympie house.

Dislikes... Mashed potato. Mashed potato. And more mashed potato.

Happy 7 months Anneke Claire! Sleep has been a nightmare this month, and your Dadda and I are downright exhausted, but despite the terrible nights and short naps, you're as sweet as ever. Love you baby girl :-)

Anneke at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months & 6 months...

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