Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The countdown is on.

I knew this day would come, but still - I'm not ready. My baby; my big boy; my little buddy - he's starting school in a weeks time. Real school. Had we moved any later than what we did, he would have started kindergarten (prep) in the USA last August. I was even less ready to send him then than I am right now, so when we booked our flights for October I breathed a huge sigh of relief and joyfully un-enrolled him from kinder.

This has meant that I've had three children - aged 5, 2 and a new baby underfoot 24/7 since May and honestly? It's been exhausting. When school went back in August, all of Ollie's little friends started kindergarten and it was hard for him having no-one to play with during school hours. However, I'm SO glad I had the extra time with him at home as it's been really beneficial for he & I both during this drawn out period of change.

Part of me is excited about the prospect of only having the two littlest between 9-3. We can do playgroups, storytime, Mummy & me classes - all the things that I used to love doing with my big boy when he was a toddler. But mostly, I'm nervous. I love an adventure but the older I get, I don't like change. And this move, well, it's been harder on my nerves than I like to admit. I miss familiar places and spaces, and now we're venturing into even more of an unknown. The school life.

It's going to be a transition, for both of us. My big boy is a mixture of excitement - other kids his age! Playgrounds! Art! His mind is eager to learn; a little sponge ready to absorb everything school has to offer. But he also expresses concern - he misses his old friends, he wants to go to his old (pre)school in California.

And while I'm excited for a new routine, I'm already mourning the loss of the freedom we've had together these past 5.5 years. Being able to have lazy mornings in our PJs just because. Going to the shops together. Just having my little sidekick for company and crazy faces. I'm going to miss him! We're venturing into new territory now - strict timetables and homework and packed lunches. Not to mention now holidaying during school holidays... Going to have to start planning our trips in advance!

It's an exciting time nonetheless. Just like with any change, I know with time we'll find our rhythm and this new stage of life will feel old hat. Still, I'm still not sure how we got to this point already. Wasn't it just yesterday we were welcoming this squishy little bubba into the world?

Bring on Monday. We've still got to get uniforms and a bag and cover books, but I've at least got a packet of Kleenex ready and waiting in my handbag!

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