Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nine months {Anneke Claire}

Ok, I'm really not good at posting these on time - I blame third child syndrome. But, at the end of January our sweet baby Anneke turned 9 months old!

Stats... Anneke is still wearing size 0 / 6-12 months. She's long, but really quite petite. I've been looking at winter clothes already (not that it feels like we're ever going to experience cooler temps) and I'm doubtful she'll even by in a size 1 by then. It all looks so huge next to her! Weight/height we won't know until her 1 year checkup.

Milestones... 6 teeth, a little bottom shuffling, lots of rocking on hands & knees but no crawling still (phew). She can go from laying to sitting and does so a lot in her cot. She says dadda, mama, something that sounds like drink (when she wants to nurse) and lots of little noises of exclamation that make it feel like she's participating in a conversation with you.

Sleeping... Overnights have settled down, she sleeps from 7pm until around 4am, quick feed and back to sleep until around 6 or 7am. Naps however.... FOMO baby is attempting to give up her morning nap already :(

Eating... 3 solid meals a day and she's on full family meals most of the time now and loving all the table food! She still breastfeeds the same amount, usually first thing in the morning, lunchtime, after her afternoon nap and bedtime plus overnights. She's so distracted though, breastfeeding has become a bit of a gymnastic act as she leaps all over the place (and don't get me started on the biting). She has just figured out the straw sippy cup in the last month which makes life so much easier for water (I can't stand the regular sippy cups, no matter what brand I've tried they leak everywhere).

Best moment... The first time she said mama :)

Worst moment... The days where she refuses to take any nap at all. That makes for a lot of cranky mama moments :(

Loves... Her big girl cousin, Sophie. Sitting up at in the Stokke outside. Swinging. Baby Mum-Mum crackers. Swimming & splash pads. Eating sand. Holding her toothbrush. Scrunching her nose up.

Dislikes... Having her toothbrush taken away. Car trips. Avocado.

Happy 9 months sweet girl. Mummy better start planning your first birthday party!!!!

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  1. How can she dislike avocado? Doesn't she know she your child?
    Get some jaw-sugar today and tell her that's from Auntie Kelley!!!!

  2. She's so sweet! It threw me when you said you were looking at winter clothes, until I remembered you're in Australia! 😉


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