Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello, three year old!

Or more so - hello, threenager! We may be in the midst of that joyful phase (the continuation of the terrible twos perhaps?), but even so - this boy is our little sweetheart and on March 11th, he turned THREE!

At three years old, your talking has finally taken off - you chat and chat and have a lot to say, even if it still requires a bit of translating. You are madly obsessed with trains, still - actually, the love has grown even more intense over the past year. Your favourite is Thomas (or nomas as you call him) but you also love pretty much anything and everything to do with steam trains. You love drawing, just like your big bro and your pictures have gotten really quite detailed recently. You mostly love to draw people and (surprise surprise) steam trains. You love squeezy yoghurts and tiny teddies and are forever asking to snack on them, even though I rarely buy the latter. You're full of personality - a lot of cheek - and have a really soft, gentle side. You are always the first one up in the morning and love to snuggle up with mama and dadda early in the morning. You can be a little demanding (hello, threenager) but have sweet manners and forever tell us that you love us. You stopped napping for good right at age two and that has been a not so fun transition. This last year has been full of so many changes for such a little guy; we've really rocked your world. First with the arrival of your baby sister and your being pushed into middle child status, and then moving you to an entirely new country on the other side of the world. It's been a big year for all of us, but especially for you little guy.

Happy Birthday Aus! I remember the day you were born so clearly - I would say like it was yesterday, but to be honest it feels like an eternity ago. You just slotted into our family so perfectly, and it feels like you've always been here. We all love you so much buddy :-)

And a flashback - Austin as a newborn, 1 year old & 2 years old...

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