Monday, March 27, 2017

Ten months {Anneke Claire}

Hello, 10 month old!!!

2 more days until she's 11 months, I'm doing brilliantly at posting these updates on our cheeky little miss but at least I'm consistently late ;)

Stats... Still won't know numbers until her 1 year checkup, but I think she's had a growth spurt. She's still tiny but feels heavier and quite a few of her 9 month clothes seem to no longer fit overnight, I've been having to re-sort her wardrobe and I'm hopeful she might actually fit some of these size 1 winter clothes I've been buying by the time it cools down!

Milestones... We have EIGHT TEETH! Two more have cut through on the bottom on either side of the two middle ones. I'm going to miss that two toothed grin. She's on the move finally, hands and knee crawling and and getting what she wants (in other words: what the boys don't want her to get). Her hair has had a growth spurt this month - does that count as a milestone? It's super curly in the back and I suspect it's going to be a lot like Austin's.

Sleeping... Overnight sleep has fine (6.30pm-3am), other than when she got a cold. It's so hard when there's this little, sleep becomes very disturbed and mama milk is about the only thing to lull her back to sleep except she gets frustrated while feeding as it's hard to breathe with a stuffy and snotty nose. Morning naps are still hit and miss, but afternoon naps are great. She usually goes down around 12.30 and sleeps til around 3pm.

Eating... Still breastfeeding every few hours, though we are gradually dropping the post nap feed as I am ready for more of a morning noon and night schedule. 6 years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding or both are starting to catch up with me. She drinks water with meals and has 3 solid meals a day, sometimes a snack if she sees the boys having morning tea. FOMO baby does not like to miss out on anything.

Best moment... When she finally (after a couple of months of hands and knee rocking but not putting the full movement together) crawled! She had the BIGGEST grin on her face and spent ages practicing her new skill. She's still not fast but she's so happy she can get places now - pulling books off the shelves, breaking up Austin's train tracks, throwing puzzle pieces everywhere....

Worst moment... Our last morning on our weekend getaway to Noosa. We went out for breakfast and she totally lost the plot. I've never seen her so upset/mad and inconsolable out and about. I'm blaming it on the two bottom teeth that were cutting through.

Loves... Pulling her scrunchy squished up nose face. Huffing and puffing. Bath time. Holding her toothbrush. Biting mama while feeding. Seeing her cousin Sophie walk through the door.

Dislikes... Not eating the same as everyone else. The car. Morning naps. Crawling under the couch and trying to sit up and getting stuck.

Happy 10 months sweet baby girl. We love you more and more each day Anneke - you are our littlest love, our tiniest sweetheart and just bring us so much joy :)

Anneke at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months, 6 months, 7 months8 months & 9 months...

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