Friday, April 7, 2017

Eleven months {Anneke Claire}

No, no - just NO! How is my baby girl only a month (actually less now that I'm finally posting this!) off being one?!?! I'm in this weird space right now where I go between wanting to go crazy planning a birthday party and then just being in denial that she really is turning one.

At one month shy of a year old, our Anneke Claire...

Stats... She wears mostly size 0 clothing, although can I say (after almost 6 months now of buying Aussie brands) - sizing here is SO inconsistent. She's still in crawler nappies and I can't see that changing for a while.

Milestones... So. Much. Downward. Dog. Alllllll the time. Sometimes she attempts a little side plank too and falls on her head. Her awkward robotic crawling hasn't really evolved, it's sped up a little but still as stiff as ever.

Sleeping... Eh, sleep is overrated, right? She's been a bit more unsettled this past month, I'm wondering if those 1 year molars are starting to bother her as she's also been super chompy on me. She's on one nap a day now so goes to bed by 6.30pm and has been crying out around 9/10pm quite a bit, sleeps sometimes til around 3am, feeds (or wakes hourly from 9pm) then back to sleep til 5 - feed, back to sleep til 6, 6.30ish and then she's up for the day til around noon. I love her dearly but she is exhausting.

Eating... Breastfeeding around 3 times during the day now? Sometimes more, if she's a little cranky/clingy. After breakfast, before nap and at bedtime. Plus a few times overnight. She always has porridge with yoghurt for breakfast, a cracker or fruit or something boring to snack on for morning tea, a sandwich / veg fritter / savoury muffin / leftovers for lunch, and then whatever we're having for dinner.

Best moment... When she figured out how to wave :) It's a very queenly wave, and pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

Worst moment... The day she attempted to choke on a leaf. We'd been at the library with a friend, she had been crawling around pulling books off shelves and had been at her mouth - I'd checked it, but couldn't find anything. I was leaving at lunchtime, reversing out of my park when I saw her silently gagging in the baby mirror (so thankful for that mirror as she is and will be rearfacing for a lot longer) and then vomited, a huge big vomit everywhere. I threw the car in park and jumped out, grabbed her and she was hysterical - found a tiny tiny leaf on the roof of her mouth :( Lets just say it gave the mama quite a fright!

Loves... Chasing her big bros. Milk arrowroot biscuits. Stealing bits n pieces of mamas morning tea when we're on coffee dates. Daddy cuddles. Pulling all the books off the shelves in the playroom. Breaking her bread into tiny pieces and gleefully throwing them over the side of the highchair to let me know she's done.

Dislikes... Missing out on anything (she has to have the same as everyone or it's tanty time). Getting out of the bath. Long car trips.

Happy 11 months sweet girl. As Ollie says - you are our cutie pie baby Anneke!

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