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Twelve months {Anneke Claire}

Oh, sweet girl. Sweet, sweet baby girl - now you are ONE! With each child, the first year seems to have gone by faster and faster. I think throwing an international move in there when she was 6 months old probably didn't help, but still - it's been a whirlwind of a year. And I have been shocking at sitting down and posting these updates.

At 12 months old, our Anneke Claire...

Stats... Wearing size mostly 0 clothes, a few size 1 and crawler nappies. Sizes here are all over the shop. H&M she even wears size 6-9 months but Target she wears 12-18?! I can't figure it out, it's very inconsistent and drives me crazy when shopping (which lets face it - happens a lot). She weighs in at 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs) and measures 76cm (30 in) long. She has 8 teeth and given her sleep habits, I suspect her 12 month molars aren't far off.

Milestones... I have a feeling our girl is going to be a "late" walker. Her big bros didn't want until 13/14 months but I can't imagine her up and off that soon. She's just got no interest at all in it. She has only *just* started pulling up on furniture the week she turned one! I don't mind one little bit though - she's much easier to chase on all fours. I did ask the doctor at her 1 year checkup today, as she seems to be lagging behind the boys at this age in terms of gross motor skills but she's on track apparently - anything up to 18 months is normal for taking first steps?!

Sleeping... Sleep has been pretty terrible month 11-12. I've had to change her day routine a little now Mitch is working in the city (so I can't leave her at home while I go do school pick up in the afternoon) - she goes down for a nap around 12/12.30 and sleeps until 2/2.30. She goes down around 6.30/7pm and then has been waking every couple of hours from 10pm. It's been rough. We're running on empty. But she caught a cold and has her first set of molars bothering her so I think we just need to persevere.

Eating... It's hard for me to admit (as I never gave the boys any formula and breastfed them until 16 & 15 months), but a few weeks before her first birthday, I started topping Anneke up with a bottle of formula at night in the hopes it would help her sleep more than a couple of hours. Desperate times, right? Well, it didn't do anything. But - she kinda LOVES the bottle and didn't turn her nose up at the formula either. In the spirit of being open and honest? I'm feeling done with breastfeeding. I felt a lot of guilt about it; I didn't expect to feel this way so soon. In the back of my head I always hoped to keep going into toddlerhood as she's our last, but life happens and this mama is downright exhausted and just ready to get my own body back to myself and honestly, the biting (even in the middle of the night!) is getting a little old. So, the weaning process has begun. She has a bottle of formula morning and night, I'm currently still doing overnight feedings but planning on cutting those out and trying to figure out a way to get some more solid nights of sleep as we are all running on empty these days. Food wise, she's on full family meals.

Best moment... Hugs. Our sweet baby girl has started giving out hugs all the time and it's truly the sweetest thing ever. She does it on request and also just randomly comes up and goes in for a snuggle. Or, if she's busy she just drops her forehead on you briefly and moves on. She's become such a little snuggler lately, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Worst moment... I honestly don't know? Sleep might not be great but she's just such an easy going little girl. She had a cold the week of her birthday and was sleeping really, really terribly - that wasn't my favourite week.

Loves... Spaghetti bolognese. Hugs. Her "bubba" - baby doll. Being pushed around on her wheelie mouse. The rocking horse. Bath time. Playing "ta" where she hands you toys and says ta and vice versa (Ollie loves to play this with her). Waving bye-bye and giving out hi fives. Chatting. Screwing up her nose and huffing and puffing - usually a precursor for her super cheeky smile. She has a big personality for such a little person.

Dislikes... When the boys shut their bedroom door to keep her out. The carseat for trips longer than 15min.

12 months baby girl. We made it! What a crazy, life changing year it's been. You truly do bring us so much joy - your little personality is just shining through more and more each day. You're cheeky and funny and ever so sweet. We love you Anneke, happy 12 months!

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Her big day {Anneke Claire turns ONE!}

Well, it really happened. Our littlest love turned 1 last month! I had been umming and ahhing over whether or not to do a party, as to be completely honest - sleep deprivation and just the general busyness of life with three kiddos was really not motivating me to put anything together. I knew though if I didn't do a first birthday party for our only daughter and our last first birthday celebration - well, I knew I'd regret it. So, in the end we settled on a family (+ a couple of close friends that are practically family) celebration at home on her actual birthday seeing as it fell on a Saturday.

The birthday girl was exhausted, having started the day at 5.30am after yet another night of constant wake ups, but she looked ridiculously adorable. My only regret? Not getting more photos of her in her fluffy pink and gold tutu!

And it's safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed her cake...

Happy Birthday baby girl. Anneke Claire, you are so loved and bring so much joy to our little family! I still can't believe you're one.

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