Monday, May 22, 2017

Her big day {Anneke Claire turns ONE!}

Well, it really happened. Our littlest love turned 1 last month! I had been umming and ahhing over whether or not to do a party, as to be completely honest - sleep deprivation and just the general busyness of life with three kiddos was really not motivating me to put anything together. I knew though if I didn't do a first birthday party for our only daughter and our last first birthday celebration - well, I knew I'd regret it. So, in the end we settled on a family (+ a couple of close friends that are practically family) celebration at home on her actual birthday seeing as it fell on a Saturday.

The birthday girl was exhausted, having started the day at 5.30am after yet another night of constant wake ups, but she looked ridiculously adorable. My only regret? Not getting more photos of her in her fluffy pink and gold tutu!

And it's safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed her cake...

Happy Birthday baby girl. Anneke Claire, you are so loved and bring so much joy to our little family! I still can't believe you're one.

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