Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life lately

Somehow, it's March and spring is in the air. This year has been busy, but not with anything in particular. In fact, I've been trying to just step back from things, learning to say no without feeling guilty, and just concentrating on being with my boys. Since our NYC adventures, we've been plotting and planning some more. We have a tropical getaway coming up next month to somewhere that has been on the to see list forever and also booked our first couple of true blue camping trips as a family. Life lately...

We've had a couple of spectacular sunsets - a rarity in the bay area...

We've had sweet moments...

And tear filled ones...

We've been picnicking at the park and passing many a witching hour there...

We went on our first hike as a family of four...

And our first bike ride on the bay together...

I've been crafting madly...

Mitch and Ollie have been mining...

Austin got his Aussie passport (and I got a little bit anxious seeing just how many passports we have to travel with nowadays)...

I've been practicing my cake decorating skills and baking up a storm...

... including this beauty, for my sweet husband who is celebrating his birthday TODAY!

But mostly, we've just been enjoying each others company. I've had a lot on my brain lately and it's been so good to switch off and just practice being fully present with these crazy boys.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

le smash

I've got to confess, I was always one of those people that cringed at cake smash photos pre-children, but now it's become a little family tradition that I LOVE! We did a cake smash photoshoot right before Oliver turned one, and this past weekend it was Austin's turn.

We're a bit of a DIY family - I made the bunting, onesie and cake. We used a roll of white bulletin board paper as the backdrop and Mitch took the photos. I really wanted a studio look this time around, and even though we lost all our lovely natural lighting at the last minute with storm clouds coming over, I'm so happy with the results - thanks, Mitch!

Austin started panting and kicking his feet madly as I lowered him down in front of his cake, but it actually took him a long time to warm up to the idea of touching it.

He kept crawling away - chasing the camera and coming in for mama hugs, so we decided to recruit big brother Ollie to show him how it's done.

It worked a treat!

It might have taken him a while to warm up to the idea of getting messy, but I think our littlest man had a blast!

Only nine days left until baby Austin is ONE!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Eleven months {Austin Mitchell}

I'm not sure I'm ready for this. Less than a month til my baby is ONE. How did this happen?!

At 11 months old, our smiley baby Austin is...

Stats... His 1 year appointment isn't booked in until after his first birthday so I'm still not sure on exact weight/height. He's now in all 12 month clothing and size 3 nappies.

Milestones... People keep asking me if he's walking and I'm pleased to report that we are (I hope) a loooong way off walking yet. I suspect he'll take after his big bro and wait until after his first birthday before that happens... We'll see. He's pulling up on everything he can get his hands on though and cruising furniture. He's also ditched his one legged scoot in favor of a strange little frog hop and more traditional hands & knee crawling and I'm a bit sad I didn't get a video of his funny little movement.

He's babbling constantly and says mama, dada, more, bubba and hi. He drools like a St Bernard and has 8 teeth. He just learned how to wave a few days ago and is super proud of himself!

He also had his first overnight(s) away from both mama & dadda and I'm so proud of him - he slept great and did so well! Bubba wouldn't let me out of his sight for the next week though :-)

He's also started having mini tantrums when (a) he's not getting his food/drink fast enough (he doesn't like to sit in the high chair and wait) or (b) something is taken off him. His face scrunches up, he screeches and throws his head to the floor.... Fun times.

Sleeping... We are in a good routine overnight. Bedtime has been brought forward a little and now he's doing solid 12 hour stretches most nights. Some nights he'll cry out momentarily but puts himself back to sleep. He's still taking a good afternoon nap around 1/1.30pm and morning naps half the week. We're in that awkward transition phase.

Eating... We're SO CLOSE to the 12 month point for breastfeeding and I'm proud to have made it this far, although I don't feel like our journey is quite over yet. I hope that he self weans like Ollie did, when the time is right. He's currently nursing around 8am, 1pm & bedtime. No more overnight feeds! Solids are well and truly established, this kiddo eats as much as his big brother.

Best moment... Seeing my boys playing peek-a-boo together. Ollie had taken the toys out of the toy suitcase in the lounge room and was laying in there, jumping out and surprising Austin who was in hysterics, laughing at his big bro. I just love seeing them play together :-)

Worst moment... You know, I can't think of anything. The boys have played together really well and other than a bit of grumpiness from the nap transitions, Austin has just been even more laid back than ever. His smile is as big as ever, some days we wonder how on earth he doesn't have a sore face from that sweet grin.

Loves... Mama. Waving. Blueberries. Swinging. Spaghetti & meatballs. Being the centre of attention. Peek-a-boo. Smiling!

Dislikes... Getting out of the bath. Getting into his carseat. Getting into the stroller. Having me stop walking when he's in the hiking pack.

Happy 11 months, our sweet baby Austin. You are growing up so quickly and your sunny little personality just keeps on shining through. You love your family and friends and forever let us know how much you are enjoying life with that signature smile that lights up your whole face.

Oh, how we love you so.

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months6 months7 months8 months9 months & 10 months...

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