Thursday, August 21, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes {Oliver, 3 years}

Quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver at 3 years old...

When I called him baby: no, Mummy. I not a baby. I'm a man!

Talking about future sleeping arrangements: when I grow bigger, I can have a bunk bed. And Daddy can build it. And Austin can sleep on the top. And I will sleep on the bottom.

Whenever he 'baby talks' to Austin, right in his face: babybabybaby. babyaustin. babyaustin. babybabybaby.

When a street sweeper drove down our street: the street sweeper is making our street clean! Now wois anne and hudson can drive their big truck down our street.

Making grand plans for him & Austin: look Mummy! He's growing really really bigger already! Now he can play with me. We can play trains together. And cars!

Whenever he puts a toy anywhere near Austin: look Mummy! I'M SHARING!

When some Noonday arrived in the mail: oooooh, dat's so cool. It's MY special necklace.

Every time Austin falls asleep in the car: BABYAUSTIN! It's WAKE UP TIME!!! RAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!

When his trampoline was half constructed and I asked him if he knew what it was: it's a tent shade.

When he's being gassy and won't say pardon me: heheh. Dat was Austin's bottom! Poooooey!

And my all time favourite...

When leaning in to give me a hug: you smell like grown up.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RAWR! Mr Oliver is 3!!!

This past weekend, our big boy turned THREE! He was super excited about his birthday this year, starting the day at 6.15am asking for presents ;-) Just like last year, we hid his presents over the house. He had fun looking for them - and once he was finished, he told Mitch and I to go find our presents now... Funny boy :-)

I had been undecided for months as to what to do for his party this year. I started planning out another big party, but honestly - the thought of so many people, the decorating, all the preparation was stressing me out. What I really wanted was just to do a small family party, but seeing as our family is on the other side of the globe, we got together with some of our surrogate family instead. It was perfect. Just a handful of Ollie's closest buddies, a BBQ dinner, pinata & cake; low key & not too overwhelming for the birthday boy.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Birthday Month

In the lead up to Oliver's 1st Birthday, I did a photo a day here on my blog: The Birthday Month. For his second birthday it moved to Instagram, and this year was the same:

Thankfully my big boy doesn't mind having his photo taken :-)

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Q&A time - Oliver, age 3

Birthday questionnaire, Oliver at age 3...

1. What is your favourite colour? Worange!

2. What is your favourite toy? Ahhhh, ahhhh, a train.

3. What is your favourite fruit? Melon.

4. What is your favourite TV show? The bunny show (???).

5. What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? Sandwich.

6. What is your favourite outfit? Dinosaur shirt.

7. What is your favourite game? Risk. The train game (A Ticket to Ride).

8. What is your favourite snack? A apple.

9. What is your favourite animal? A kangaroo.

10. What is your favourite song? The number one (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive).

11. What is your favourite thing to do? Play wid you Mum (aaaand my heart just melted).

12. Who is your best friend? Noah.

13. What is your favourite place to visit? The zoo (Happy Hollow).

14. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Play in sandpit.

15. What is your favourite drink? The dinosaur one (referring to a waterbottle). 

16. What is your favourite holiday? A house.... Granny's house.

17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? A bulldozer.

18. What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? Ceeereal.

19. What do you want to do for dinner on your birthday? I want to have. Um. Treats!

20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A train driver. No, a fireman.

Today you are THREE - Happy 3rd Birthday, our funny & sweet Oliver John.

I love your crazy energy; the way you can just run laps for hours, circling the house and making your brother laugh.

I love the way you can also have such concentration - sitting quietly, intently building a puzzle or 'reading' yourself a book.

I love your funny sayings and your sweet little voice as you chat away to us. You still sound mostly Australian to me, but I wonder how your accent is going to develop over this next year.

Over the past 5 months, I've loved seeing you find your feet in your new role as big brother. It can be intense at times, but seeing the love and fierce protection you have for baby Austin has made me so, so happy.

I love your passion for adventures - every single morning, you ask me 'know what we doing today? Where we going?'.

And I love, love, love your impish grin.

Your Dadda and I are so proud of you, big boy. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

Oliver as a newborn, at one year & two years old...

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Five months {Austin Mitchell}

Another month flies by - our bubba boy Austin is now five months old!

At five months old, Austin is wearing size 2 nappies and mostly 6 month clothing, although he's starting to sport a little muffin top in some of it. He's just moved into 9 month (size 0) PJs this week and they are a perfect fit - he's crazy long!

He can roll both directions, although he's kinda lazy about it. He's learning to sit - he's definitely not a sitter yet, but he can hold the gorilla pose for around 10 seconds before losing his balance. He also LOVES to stand. In the last month, his chunky little legs have gotten really strong and he wants to stand. All. The. Time. He's strong - he'll hold onto your fingers and push himself up from a squat. He's also started to join us at the dinner table - Ollie got upgraded to a booster (he's a shortie) and Austin now has the Stokke.

This has been our hardest month yet. Austin has had all the classic teething signs (drooling, fussy, at his mouth constantly, tugging at his ears, terrible nappies) but nothing has popped through yet. Teeth pain + his first cold (and it was a nasty one) has completely put his sleep out of whack. He's gone from sleeping through the night most of the time, to waking up 3, 4 times a night. He's also stopped self settling, so getting him to sleep at night is a marathon effort. I won't lie, it's been a hard month where sleep has been concerned, especially as Ollie is also waking multiple times a night. We even had a week there where neither boy was napping. It's not surprising for Ollie as he gave up naps a couple of months back, but Austin?!?! On those days when no-one wants to sleep and I'm at my wits end, we usually either snuggle on the couch & watch movies, or get in our bed - Austin and I sit together while Ollie jumps madly around us. Boys sure do have a lot of energy!

Same old, same old during the day - he nurses every 4 hours. I've added in a few extra feeds overnight though to help settle him.

Best moment...
I don't know that I can choose a best moment, the last month has been a bit of a blur with all the general busyness. There have been a lot of fun moments though - like when Austin met Pluto at Disneyland...

And when he met Aunty Tiff (and Uncle Roy) for the first time...

When he discovered he could eat his toes...

Worst moment...
Seeing him have his first true cold - he was congested and utterly miserable. Thank goodness for the Nose Frida (aka snotsucker) and lots of mama/Dadda cuddles.

Austin loves it when anyone - even complete strangers in the line at the supermarket - look at him. He has this super serious face, then as soon as anyone makes eye contact - instant dimply grins. Just like his big brother as a baby, he gets a lot of attention while we're out and about.

Austin also really loves bath time. He happily splashes away in there while his big bro pours water over his feet.

His favourite thing however is Ollie. Ollie gets the biggest smiles and the biggest laughs out of Aus. Whenever Ollie is in the room, Austin's eyes are trained on him. Often he starts to fuss when Ollie goes into another room, and immediately calms down as soon as he spots him again. It's the sweetest thing, watching these two together. A lot of the time it's craziness, but the rest of the time it's tender and sweet and makes this mamas heart so happy.

He hates it when we put him down at night and walk out. He used to self settle no worries, so this has been an adjustment. In fact, he hates being put down a lot of the time - he loves to be close and part of the action (thank goodness for baby carriers).

He also is no longer a fan of his dummy (pacifier). This makes me nervous, given I have 32 hrs of flights to do alone with the boys next month. It took us a good 4 weeks of hard work to get him to actually take a dummy (I wanted him to have one because we travel so much, and planned to wean him off it between 9-12 months like we did with Ollie), but now all he wants to do is play with it and chew on it. He just won't suck it and I'm at a loss. He never really used it much to begin with - only for long car trips and occasionally sleep, but it seems like he's self weaned at the age of 5 months?!?!

Happy five months, handsome baby boy. This has been your toughest month, but you are still as smiley and sweet as ever. It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating your half birthday in just a few short weeks!

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months & 4 months...

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to my happy place

In Australia, it's Noosa. In our current home, it's Lake Tahoe. My happy place...

I'll never pass up an opportunity to visit this beautiful lake only a few hours drive from home. We took a trip here with our most recent visitors from Australia a couple of weeks ago; only days after coming home from Disneyland. The traffic was awful and what should've been a 4 hour trip took almost 6.5. I gotta admit, I was feeling pretty cranky by the time we arrived. The kiddos were sick of being in the car and so was I.

But as soon as we hit the beach, I just waded on into that big ol' lake with the littlest and relaxed. Ah. Fresh, mountain air. Pine trees. Water.... My happy place.

You know, we've been here enough times now that our 'big' camera didn't really make much of an appearance. I think I snapped more photos on my phone than the Canon! But, we did spend some time lakeside...

Enjoyed lots of yummy food (including my all time South Lake Tahoe fav, Base Camp Pizza!)...

And we even did something that we hadn't done since our very first trip to Lake Tahoe in July 2012. We went inland a little to Squaw Valley, and took the aerial tram up to high camp. It was just as spectacular as I remember.

One of the reasons why I had wanted to go up to high camp was to hit the pool. The house we rented didn't have a pool or hot tub, and the lake is usually kinda freezing to swim in (amazingly, it wasn't too bad this year). I got to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon by the pool at 8,200ft with my boys and our besties and it was kinda slightly awesome :-) Baby Austin even enjoyed a dip!

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