Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zuiderzee museum, Enkhuizen

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to make the trip up north to visit the Zuiderzee museum. Like the open air museum at Arnhem, the Zuiderzee museum has a large outdoor sectiion which documents what life was like in the former Zuiderzee area. We had been wanting to go here for some time but never seemed to find a weekend with good (rain-free) weather - when I found out the outdoor museum was closing for winter, we quickly decided to head up to Enkhuizen and take a look while we still had the chance. Thankfully it coincided with a beautiful rain free & sunny autumn day which made it that bit more enjoyable!

We took a boat ride to the museum - Mr Oliver was pretty happy just chilling in his pram...

There were a few of these lovely old boats being sailed in the sea - just like what we saw at Giethoorn...

Once we arrived at the museum, we spent a few hours just walking around and exploring all the little houses and shops...

I reckon it would be even better if you have older kids - it's a really interactive museum and a lot of things are aimed at children (ie you can make a skipping rope, milk a 'goat', make a beet lantern etc). There were even kids costumes for hire!

The highlight of the museum for me was the fresh gerookte haring for sale...

Much to my surprise, Mitch saw it and was like hmmm... herring... I want it!!! He bought some and remembering my last herring experience, I wasn't so keen but after hearing all the people surrounding us constantly breaking out in mmmm... lekker.... lekker... lekker!!!, and Mitch rather enjoying the taste, I decided to give it a go too.

It was DELICIOUS!!! Truly - I am not a fish eater generally but this was just warm and smokey tasting - so, so good. We spent ages sitting there trying to get the technique of pulling the oily meat off the bones like the experienced herring eaters... Yummmmm!


  1. looks like you had a great day out lu! Hope your well! Love Martine

  2. It was a lovely day out - Mitch and I were exhausted by the end of it though (almost 12hrs out and about with Ollie and lots of driving!), I think Oliver travelled the best out of the 3 of us that day! Hope the packing is going ok xoxo


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